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Dr. Mohamad Mova Al’Afghani, SH, LL.M.Eur,PhD

Lecturer at the faculty of law UIKA Bogor and Master of Business Administration-ITB; Director of the Center for Regulation, Policy and Governance (CRPG)  

email: mova(at)alafghani(dot)info

Expertise and Research Interest: water law, regulatory state, utilities regulation, transparency and good governance

Dr. Al'Afghani's earned his PhD in 2013 from the University of Dundee (UNESCO Center for Water Law, Policy and Science) with a thesis titled “The Role of Legal Frameworks in Enabling Transparency in Water Utilities Regulation” comparing regulatory regimes in Victoria (Australia), England and Indonesia. He obtained his master's degree (LL.M.Eur) from the University of Bremen in 2008 (with distinction) and his Sarjana Hukum (LL.B) from Universitas Indonesia in 2003. 

Past research projects includes:

  • “Human Right to Water in Indonesia” (Both Ends and Waterlex, 2010);
  • “Transparency in Jakarta Water Utilities Regulation” (Tifa Foundation 2011)  
  • “Transparency in the Oil and Gas Sector” (ICEL, 2013)
  • “Legal and Regulatory Implications of Regional By Laws on Community Based Water and Sanitation” (UNICEF, Pokja AMPL NTT, 2012)
  • “Corporatisation of Indonesian Water Utilities” (IDRC funded -- Municipal Services Project, 2013)
  • Transparency of Licensing in the Mining and Plantation Sector (for the Presidential Working Unit on Development Monitoring/UKP4, 2014) and
  • Review of Water Services Regulation in Jakarta (commissioned by Jakarta Water Sector Regulatory Body/JWSRB, 2014)

Dr. Al’Afghani contributes to the United Nations’ “Geneva Process” on the Human Right to Water (2008-2011) and to the 6th World Water Forum (Stakeholders Engagement Task Force). He has published quite extensively on Indonesian Water Law and Regulation. Currently, as Project Manager and Team Leader for the AIIRA program on the regulation of community water and sanitation, Dr. Al’Afghani oversees and coordinates the whole operation and liase with University of Dundee, AIIRA, Bappenas, Pokja/Jejaring AMPL and other important collaborators.

Dr.Al'Afghani is the current Open Government Partnership Independent Reporting Mechanism (OGP-IRM) Researcher for Indonesia.