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Independent Reporting Mechanism


The CRPG is an interdisciplinary research centre, with expertise in various fields. The CRPG currently has 4 research groups:

Nutrition and Health. The nutrition and health group focused its research on nutrition policy and science, children and maternal health, as well as the regulatory aspects of healthcare. The group coordinator is Mulia Nurhasan, MSc.

Spatial Governance and Mapping. The spatial governance and mapping group conducted various mapping exercise and trainings throughout Indonesia. The group interest is on spatial regulation and planning as well as mapping exercise. This group is led by Aftaf Muhajir, SSi.

Water group. The group focused its research on water services and resources, from river basin/catchment management to public utilities regulation. In the past, the group have conducted research and published papers and reports on the transparency aspect of water utilities regulation, regulatory review of Jakarta water services, corporatisation of Indonesian water utilities and the human right to water. Currently, the group is preoccupied with Australia Indonesia Infrastructure Research program, sponsored by INDII-AUSAID on the regulatory aspect and sustainability of Community-Based Water Systems. The group coordinator is Dr. Mohamad Mova Al'Afghani, PhD.

Local politics and electoral systems. The group focused its research on various connection of local politics, party and electoral system as well as potential conflict-resolution related to local politics. Other research interest is democratization and regional autonomy impact civic regulation, in addition to the dynamics connection of state and civil society/social movement. Currently, the group set up excellent cohesive network with ten major political party in both regional and national parliament. The group coordinator is Mohammad Jibriel Avessina.M.I.P

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