Center for Regulation Policy and Governance

Center for Regulation Policy and Governance

We are a group of scholars passionate to make a difference through action-research.

We facilitate your need for research-based decision making, consultancies and social responsibility, and aim to make impact on people’s life.

The Center for Regulation, Policy and Governance (CRPG) is an Association with Legal Entity (Perkumpulan Berbadan Hukum) established through the approval of the Minister of Justice and Human Rights No. AHU-0027408.AH.01.07.TAHUN 2016.

Our Work


All Research completed by CRPG since 2013.


To enhance the capacity of government reformers and civil society activists in both member and non-OGP member countries in Asia Pacific through peer to peer learning exchange.


Events that held or organized by CRPG.

Clients and Partners

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