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29 July 2020 (Webinar)

Is Transformer Maintenance an Entry Point for Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCBs) Contamination: Trend Analysis from Inventory and Efforts to Minimize PCB Wastes (Apakah Perawatan Transformator Merupakan Jalan Masuk Kontaminasi PCB? Analisa Tren Inventarisasi dan Upaya Minimalisasi Limbah PCB). This webinar will be conducted in Bahasa Indonesia and is free of charge. More information.

13 December 2017

Peer to Peer Learning Workshop on Anti-Corruption Framework in Budgeting and Public Contracting. Theme: “Open Budgets and Open Contracting for Equitable, Inclusive and Sustainable Development”

The objectives of the Peer to Peer Learning Workshop are to:

  • Learn current open budgets and open contracting innovations and link key practitioners.
  • Explore challenges and issues in the implementation open contracting and open budgets initiatives/action plan.
  • Establish a joint strategy and collaboration in advancing open budgets and open contracting agenda in Asia Pacific
  • Practitioners from the public, private and civil society sectors understand the concept and are able to identify opportunities and incentives for open budgets and open contracting.
  • Knowledge of practical solutions (in term of innovation and partnership process) in open budgets and open contracting is shared among participants.
  • Concrete plans to adopt open budgets and open contracting in the next OGP commitments rounds and projects across Asia Pacific region

Practitioners from the government, private and civil society sectors (15 representatives from Asia Pacific Countries and 10 representatives from Indonesia) with the interest on an anti-corruption framework in budgeting and public contracting.

The event will be organized in a workshop format. The flow combines sharing sessions and team-work sharing will be provided by domain experts and practitioners followed by Q&A. The teamwork will sandwich between sharing sessions that aim to enable all participant to be fully engaged and produce hands-on results in a collaborative manner.

14 December 2017

Asia Pacific Leaders’ Forum on Open Government, session 2: Building Trust and Public Integrity

This session will be focused on Building Trust and Public Integrity with the following objectives:

  • To explore existing national and subnational initiatives within the region in building public integrity and citizen trust. Looking into how citizens, including those from the marginalized group, are being engaged in the political, policymaking and the budgeting process.
  • To identify how citizens are being empowered in monitoring the implementation of government development agenda in ensuring budget effectiveness within countries with different contexts and settings.
  • To recognize new innovations that may be applied, particularly those involving data utilization, and how initiatives presented within the sessions can be scaled and adapted within and across countries. This part will also explore government strategies that can ensure sustainability of those initiatives.

A talk show format will be applied to this session allowing each presenter to showcase their initiatives, followed by Q&A and discussion. Each speaker will be given 7 minutes to present. The participants will also be invited to ask questions and share their experiences. The session aims to be interactive and expects the participants to be critical and engaged to identify the effective ways to build public integrity and trust.

Practitioners from public, private and civil society sectors from the Asia Pacific Region.

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