Center for Regulation Policy and Governance

Mr. Aftaf Muhajir, S.Si

Researcher at the Centre for Water Governance

He is a Geographer specializing in Geography Information System/GIS. His past researches includes:

  • “Water Quality in Wonosobo Villages” (UI, 2009); “Spatial Pattern of Edifice Function Change at Depok” (UI, 2012)
  • Team Leader/Surveyor “Design Engineering Detail for Public Housing in Batam Area (Ministry of Public Housing, 2010)
  • Field Coordinator for “Modelling of Dengue Fever and Malaria Incidents with Projected Climate Change and Disease Distribution in Five Provinces” (RCCC UI and Ministry of Health, 2013)

Mr. Muhajir is a GIS trainer for various government institutions. As Project Administrator, Mr Muhajir develops and administer project budget, as well as allocating, tracking and monitoring resources utilization (both human resources and others) for the project.

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