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Mr. M. Jibriel Avessina, S.Sos M.Pol

Lecturer at the Faculty of Economics UIKA and researcher at CRPG.

He is an Anthropologist specializing in Ecological Anthropology and Social Network Analysis using Quasi Ethnostrategy-Qualitative Perspective. He was previously involved on a project “Adaptation Options of Farmers to a Changing Climate in a Vulnerable Ecosystem” (University of Indonesia and KNAW/Koninklijke Nederlandse Akademie Van Wetenschappen, 2011). He was the socio-cultural coordinator for Geospatial Mapping in Plantation Region in Siberut, West Sumatra (Research Center for Climate Change UI, 2012) and Field Coordinator for “Socio-Cultural Dynamics to Workers and Labourers in Mining Industry in Central Kalimantan” (INRI Institute, 2012).

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