Center for Regulation Policy and Governance

Mr. M. Jibriel Avessina, S.Sos M.Pol

Lecturer at the Faculty of Economics UIKA, and Research and Development Director at CRPG.

Mr Avessina is an Anthropologist specializing in Ecological Anthropology and Social Network Analysis using Quasi Ethnostrategy-Qualitative Perspective. He was previously involved on a project “Adaptation Options of Farmers to a Changing Climate in a Vulnerable Ecosystem” (University of Indonesia and KNAW/Koninklijke Nederlandse Akademie Van Wetenschappen, 2011). He was the socio-cultural coordinator for Geospatial Mapping in Plantation Region in Siberut, West Sumatra (Research Center for Climate Change UI, 2012) and Field Coordinator for “Socio-Cultural Dynamics to Workers and Labourers in Mining Industry in Central Kalimantan” (INRI Institute, 2012).

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