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Lina Rospita, M.Sc

Food Safety Specialist

Lina Rospita, M.Sc, a food safety specialist, a lecturer and researcher trained in fishery science and community nutrition, with vast experience in post-disaster livelihood projects. Lina was graduated from Bogor Agricultural University (B.Sc) and SEAMEO RECFON University of Indonesia (M.Sc) as one of the top students. Lina was immediately offered to be part of SEAMEO RECFON UI academic staff because of her excellence in scientific work. As academician, Lina has in depth understanding in quantitative research methodology, also master statistical analysis commonly used in evaluation project as well as other type of studies. She has run numerous projects in Indonesia and Timor Leste, including Papua, West Nusa Tenggara (NTB) and East Nusa Tenggara (NTT). The projects she managed were funded by international donors, government of Indonesia, and industry, namely Harvard University, USAID and International Life Sciences Institute (ILSI) South East Asia, etc. She is currently involved in livelihood, food security, and nutrition data analysis and report writing for some projects of the World Food Program.

She is one of the authors for Teacher’s Guidebook on Climate Change which includes general information about climate change; concept map on the cause and effect relationship of the impact of climate change for each topic; lesson plans; and how to mitigate and adapt to climate change. Her chapter is about the impact of climate change on nutrition. The lesson plan is integrated climate change issues in Southeast Asian School’s curriculum. It is collaboration with SEAMOLEC, SEAMEO TROPMED (Tropical Medicine and Public Health) Philippines, and SEAMEO BIOTROP (Tropical Biology), SPAFA, SEARCA, and INNOTECH. The project is funded by SEAMEO RECSAM. The Teacher’s Guidebook is to be utilized in the teachers training at the Southeast Asia.

Prior to her role at SEAMEO RECFON UI, Lina spent three years working with UN FAO, including a year with UN FAO Post Tsunami livelihood recovery. She successfully managed livelihood project in several districts in Aceh and Nias. Lina is fluent in English and Bahasa, with some understanding in Japanese.

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