Aftaf Muhajir

Mr. Aftaf Muhajir, S.Si

Researcher at the Centre for Water Governance
He is a Geographer specializing in Geography Information System/GIS. His past researches includes:
  • “Water Quality in Wonosobo Villages” (UI, 2009); “Spatial Pattern of Edifice Function Change at Depok” (UI, 2012)
  • Team Leader/Surveyor “Design Engineering Detail for Public Housing in Batam Area (Ministry of Public Housing, 2010)
  • Field Coordinator for “Modelling of Dengue Fever and Malaria Incidents with Projected Climate Change and Disease Distribution in Five Provinces” (RCCC UI and Ministry of Health, 2013)
Mr. Muhajir is a GIS trainer for various government institutions. As Project Administrator, Mr Muhajir develops and administer project budget, as well as allocating, tracking and monitoring resources utilization (both human resources and others) for the project.

Andi Mariyasari Septiari


Andi Mariyasa Septiari, M.Sc

Nutrition Specialist  
email: andi.mariyasari(at)gmail(dot)com
Andi Mariyasari Septiari, M.Sc, a nutrition specialist, graduated from Bogor Agricultural University (B.Sc) and SEAMEO RECFON University of Indonesia (M.Sc) with deep understanding of qualitative research methodology, such as ethnography, in-depth interview and focus group discussion. She actively involved in research in nutrition and qualitative field since 2005. Andi has conducted numerous studies, reviews and evaluations in Indonesia and East Timor.
Her researches were by various international donors including Asian Development Bank (ADB), Neys-van Hoogstraten Foundation, The United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF), Nestle Foundation. From 2011-2013, Andi managed the monitoring and evaluation for nutrition and livelihood project for Church World Service (CWS) in Soe, Nusa Tenggara Timur, as well as in post disaster area, Nias and post conflict area, Poso. She has published her research results in several recognized international journals such as Food and Nutrition Bulletin and Malaysian Journal of Nutrition also in various international conferences. Andi spent four years teaching qualitative research methodology in nutrition, at SEAMEO RECFON UI and has published a handbook titled Introduction to Nutritional Anthropology.

Budi Susetyo




Dr. Ir. Budi Susetyo, MSc.

Lecturer at the faculty of engineering, UIKA Bogor and Head of Informatics Research Laboratory, Faculty of Engineering, UIKA, Bogor.  
email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Under-Graduate (S1), Agrometeorology Study Program, Geophysics and Meteorology Department, Bogor Agricultural University, Year 1991; Post-Graduate (S2): M.Sc. in Information Technology for Natural Resource Management - IPB, Year 2007; Post-Graduate (S3): Natural Resources and Environment Management Study Program (2014).
Additional Education:
Summer Course 2012 (Philippines): Global Environmental Leaderships – Provided by Hiroshima University – Japan
Lindon B. Johnson-University of Texas (Austin) and SURP-University of Philippines (Dilliman); Summer Course 2010 (Bogor) : Global Environmental Leaderships – Provided by Hiroshima University – Japan;   Environmental Impact Assessment Basic and Advanced Courses (1993), organized by BAPEDAL-INKINDO-PPSML University of Indonesia (AMDAL A and AMDAL B Certified); Upgrading Course, Skills Planning and Preparation of Environmental Impact Analysis on Forestry Sector, UGM-Yogyakarta (1991).
Working Experience:
Head of Informatics Research Laboratory, Faculty of Engineering (2014 – Present); Head of Informatics Engineering Study Program, Faculty of Engineering, Uika Bogor (2010 – 2014): Lecturer at Faculty of Engineering, UIKA Bogor (2001 – Present); Head of Information Resources Department-(SDI-UIKA Bogor) (2008 – Present); Head of External Services and Data Processing Center (PPD-UIKA Bogor) (2006 – 2008); Personal Consultant at Regional Planning Board (Bapeda) Bogor Regency (2004 – 2006);  Expert Consultant of PT Tulada Nata Konsula – Jakarta (2004 – 2005); Director of Warintek UIKA Bogor (2002 – 2005); Director of PT. Mitra Tetra Madatama - Consultant, Jakarta (1998 – 2000); Expert Consultant of PT. Billitonica Consultant, Jakarta (1997 – 1998); Assistant of Institutional Specialist, ADB-Project: Coastal Environmental Management Planning (CEMP) Project, Cooperation between Ministry of Environment, Dobbin Millus International and PT. Wahana Jaya Bakti Persada, Jakarta (1994 – 1995); Climatologist at PT. Beringin Mega Consult, Bogor (1993 – 1994); Staff of PT. Megah Ganendra Consultant, Jakarta (1992 – 1993); Staff of PT. Esok Bogor, Agricultural Development and Environment Consultants (1991 – 1992).
Project Experiences:
2011-Present:Hydrologist/Climatologist at PT. Sucofindo, PT. Pertamina EP Cepu and Mobil Cepu Ltd. for EIA(2013); Climatologist at Ministry Forestry; Team Leader at Ministry of Communication and Information (2012); 2000-2010: Team Leader at Public Works Office-Bogor Regency (2010); Team Leader at National Cabinet Secretariat (2009); Team Leader at Bapeda of Bogor Regency (2009); Coordinator of Data Processing at SBRC-IPB Cooperation with the Education Office of West Java Province (2008); Team Leader at Ministry of Environment – Jakarta (2008); Team Coordinator at Agency for Community Empowerment and Social Welfare (BPMKS), Bogor Regency (2008); Team Leader at Directorate General of Mineral, Coal and Geothermal - Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (2007); Team Leader at YPIKA – Bogor (2007); Team Leader at Ministry of Environment (2007); Team Leader at Bapeda of Bogor Regency (2006); Member of Team at Bapenas (2005); Team Leader at Bapeda - Bogor Regency (2005); Team Leader at Agency for Community Empowerment and Social Welfare (BPMKS) (2004); Team Leader at Bapeda of Bogor Regency(2004); Team Leader at Office of Community Development, Bogor Regency (2004); Member of Team at Director General of Regional Development , Ministry of Home Affairs; Team Leader at Bapeda - Bogor Regency (2003); Team Leader at Office of Community Development, Bogor Regency (2003); Team Leader at the Government of DKI Jakarta (2003); Team Leader / Expert of System Engineering at Office of Community Empowerment (2002); Environmentalist at LPM – IPB (2000); 1991-1999: Developing the Cooperation Management Information System (1999); Team Leader / Expert of Systems Engineering at Social Service Division of DKI Jakarta (1998); Hydrologist/Climatologist at Cooperation between Department of Transmigration and PT. Tri Sigma Patria (1997); System Engineering Expert at PT.  Risjadson Sejahtera Agribusiness (RSA Group) (1996); Assistant of Environmental Specialist at the Ministry of Environment (1995); Expert of System Engineering at  Ministry of Cooperation & Small-Business Enterprise Development (1995); Expert System Engineering at Agribusiness Agency- Agriculture Department (1994); Hydrologist/Climatologist at PT. Megah Ganendra Consultant, Directorate of City and Regional - Cipta Karya, Public Works Department (1993); Hydrologist/Climatologist at PT. Megah Ganendra Consultant, Department of Public Works (1992); System Analyst at PT. Nasfarm Kaltim (1991); Team Leader / System Analyst at PT. Cipta Tawakal Utama (1991).


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Dyah Paramita



Dyah Paramita, SH, LL.M 

Consultant; Researcher at the Center for Regulation, Policy and Governance (CRPG)
email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  
Expertise and Research Interest: Chemicals and Toxic Regulation, Mining Law, Environmental Law, Access to Information
Mita obtained his LL.M from the Centre for Energy, Petroleum, Mineral Law and Policy, University of Dundee, UK (2009) with a Dissertation titled: Access to environmental information towards good governance in mining: A case study from Indonesia through the British Chevening Scholarship Award. She obtained her bachelor degree in Law from Universitas Diponegoro.
Mita has a wealth of experience in the environmental sector. Previously, she worked as researcher the Indonesian Center for Environmental Law (ICEL). She was the program coordinator for Strengthening the Right to Information for People an Environment (STRIPE) 2010-2012; program coordinator for promoting the transparency of oil and gas draft law (2011-2012), researcher for mercury management in Indonesia (2012), researcher for the oil and gas Abandonment and Site Restoration (ASR) liability in Indonesia (2010), program coordinator for the research on post mining closure policy, consultant for the legal drafting of the National Information Commission (2010), reviewer for Model Mining Development Agreement (MMDA Project for the International Bar Association -- Mining Law Committee), 2010; Team Member at the national secretariat to combat illegal logging and illegal log distribution in Indonesia in cooperation with the Office of Coordinating Minister for Political, Legal and Security Affairs (2007). Mita was on the public defender team for the Buyat Bay Pollution Case (2007), where she was involved in the drafting the lawsuit, providing necessary documents, collected ebvidence and presented the case in Court.
  • Lead Author of a report entitled Kajian Tata Kelola Merkuri di Indonesia Pada Sektor Lingkungan, Kesehatan, Minyak dan Gas Bumi serta Pertambangan (2012)
  • Lead Author of a report entitled Potret Reklamasi dan Pasca Tambang di Indonesia (2010) with Yulia Fatma Asri.
  • Co-writer of a report entitled “Tanggung Jawab Penutupan Tambang (Abandonment and Site Restoration/ASR) pada Industri Ekstraktif Migas di Indonesia: Studi PSC Bengara II, PSC Yapen, PSC Cepu (2010). Available at:
  • Co-author of policy paper entitled “Aspek Transparansi dan Partisipasi Publik dalam Revisi Undang-undang migas”.
  • Co-author of  a book entitled Frequently Ask Question on  Public Information Services Standard (National Information Commission Regulation No. 1/2010). Published by ICEL, Jakarta. Available at: 
  • Editor of a book entitled Opening Access, Bridging the Gap (description of access to information, participation, and justice in Indonesia). Published by ICEL, Jakarta, 2006.
  • Co-researcher of a report entitled Electricity Governance Initiative Case of Indonesia. Published by World Resources Institute 2006.  : 
  • Co-researcher of a paper entitled Human Rights Principles Implementation in Indonesian Environmental Laws (analyzing 10 laws which relate to the environmental management). Published by Indonesian Commission of Human Right, Jakarta July 2005
  • Co-author of a book entitled Buyat Bay is Polluted and Risky for the Health. Published by Indonesian Mining Advocacy Network (Jatam) 2004
  • Author of an article entitled Waiting for Justice in Buyat Bay. Published in Environmental Enforcement Law Training Alumni Bulletin, Vol 2#1, April 2004
  • Author of an article entitled The Merged of BAPEDAL (Indonesian Environmental Impact Management Agency). Published in Environmental Monitoring Newsletter 2003 Envix-Japan.